I'm a Wood Craftsman by trade, turned Artist. 

          From Vinyl Art on painted glass to Art Carvings!!

            (All pieces can be made into vinyl art on painted glass or an art carving)

                                            -Art you can feel!!-

                         Vinyl Art on painted glass

My Vinyl art pieces are exactly that.

Vinyl art on painted glass are 11"x14" and 1/2" thick in a black frame.

original art drawings that have been delicately cut out of vinyl and is adhered to the front part of the glass that you can feel every detail of the art with your finger tips.

the back of the glass is painted to match the feeling of the art and together create a message and story of each piece, framed in a tight black frame, ready to hang and display.

(All pieces can be duplicated to a point, the background painting will always come out just a bit different than the last due to the painting technique I use, meaning every piece is an original)

                                     Art Carvings  


Carvings are 20"x24" and 3/4" thick and are solid wood

Carved 1/16th" - 1/4" deep into the wood.
Carved and painted using Dremel machinery, chisels and sandblasting techniques.
All edges are beveled giving it a frame like appearance.
Come's with hanging hook ready to hang and display.



(All Art pieces are made to order, please allow up to 7 business days to be shipped to you.)
(All Art pieces are professionally boxed when shipped.)

shipping in the US only.

for any questions please email me at customtexturedwood@yahoo.com

or message me thru instagram ctwworkshop





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